Top Ways To Sell Wristbands


I remember what we had done at the college charity last year:

Last year we wanted to raise funds for the American soldiers who had been fighting in Iraq. We wanted to raise the corpus to help their family in need especially when they were away at war and they had some kind of physical injury on them in the course of the war.

When we started out, we had no idea it is going to be so difficult:

The public opinion in America had almost turned hostile towards the soldiers because the truth that there were no weapons of mass destruction found there made it quite impossible for the soldiers and the federal government to be able to face a volley of questions about how we were going to deal with the situation now that they knew that there were such mass destruction weapons in Iraq had been falsified and substantiated with de riguer evidence.

This made it difficult of course but we decided to print rubber bracelets with a message saying that: “we are proud of you all the same.”

We had ordered for two thousand such wrist bracelets and expected to sell them over a course of one month. We were not too positive of course but we had to make an effort. The initial funding was put in with the pocket money of the members who had agreed to sell the bracelets in the campus.

The response was unprecedented:

We sold the lot in three days flat and we had to order at least two more times the same quantities. Isn’t that mind-blowing? Apparently, a lot of the people came back to say that the message and the tone of it were what made them do it. It means that we are not particularly impressed with your expeditions but we are proud of you all the same!…

How Many Pounds To Lose An Inch Off Waist?


Shedding weight from the waist is not easy and there is no specific diet program or exercise to reduce weight from your waist alone. You may be wondering how many pounds you have to lose in order to lose an inch from your waistline. Unfortunately, there is no specific reply for this question as each one’s body is different and the weight loss process also differs. Two types of fat develop in the abdominal region; subcutaneous fat which lies beneath skin and visceral fat which develops in the abdominal cavity. The visceral fat tends to burn fast than subcutaneous and it brings about health risks if not kept under control.

Experts say that it is not possible to shed weight on a specific area. You will have to lose weight on the whole and tone the specific areas through specific exercises. Weight loss programs like Nutrisystem help you lose weight on the whole in a safe and healthy manner. The program claims to offer weight loss up to 2 lbs if the dietary guidelines laid out by them are strictly followed. The Turbo 13 plan helps you lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month with the help of specially fortified meals included in the Turbo Takeoff kit. Have a look at Skycube to know how Nutrisystem operates and about the distinct diet plans available with them.

When you start losing weight from the whole body you will have to simultaneously perform exercises that tone your waistline. The exact amount of weight that it requires to lose an inch depends on different factors like age, genetics, gender and the level of physical activity. Likewise the starting body weight also affects how long it takes to lose an inch from your waist. By following the right kind of diet plan and exercise, you will be able to shed weight on the whole.…

How to Lose Ten Pounds in Three Weeks?

Diet Tips

Losing 10 pounds in three weeks come under short term goals where you want to lose weight for an upcoming event at your family end. If you are overweight you can certainly look out for ways to shed ten pounds but if you are already in a healthy weight, this aggressive weight loss goal is not recommended. It is good for you if you start with proven methods like eating whole foods, avoiding junk and processed foods, minimizing the snacking and alcohol consumption and getting into a healthy workout routine. When you follow these sincerely, you will certainly feel lighter as the days go by.

Besides, you can seek the help of weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig to lose some initial weight as these program claims to offer steady weight loss of up to 2lbs per week. Nutrisystem is a very convenient weight loss program to follow as it eliminates all the hassles of dieting such as cooking diet meals, calorie counting, checking portion size, etc. It delivers premade foods in microwavable pouches that can be reheated during meal times. When it comes to menu choices, Nutrisystem has more than 150 meal choices while Jenny Craig has comparatively fewer options. Go through the comparison article at Prodiets to learn about these diet planners.

Your diet should be able to supply you the calories that fall below the number of calories you would burn daily. Losing one pound equals to creating a deficit of 3500 calories per week. Therefore, to shed 10 pounds you will have to consume 35000 calories fewer than what you will burn. When you have to shed this within three weeks, your calorie deficit per day calculates to 1666 per day. To achieve this deficit you will have to combine diet and exercise effectively. You will have to burn 800 calories and eat about 800 calories fewer in order to maintain your current body weight.…

Weight Watchers Frozen Meal Diet Plan


According to the research conducted by Center for Disease Control Prevention around 70% of Americans in the age range of 20 and above or either obese or overweight.  Taken that into consideration, majority of Americans have to lose weight but are skeptical about the ways of losing it. They expect the diet to be simple, fast result yielding and within their budget. Weight Watchers offer frozen meal diet plans that cater to the dietary needs of Americans. Likewise, programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast also provide frozen meals according to the plans that the dieters choose. Moreover, these programs are easy to follow and lose weight.

The breakfast meals from Weight Watchers are low in calories and rich in protein so that the dieters feel full for a longer time. The dieters will not experience any boredom as they get variety of meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides, the meals are portion controlled which is a helpful diet tool to eat the frozen varieties for a longer time and get acquainted to eating correct meal size. If you can spend some time on eating with fork, Weight Watchers provide certain varieties like Ham and cheese scramble which fall within the calorie range of 210 and provide 9g of fat.

The lunch and dinner options of Weight Watchers include more than 50 smart meal choices which include dishes like Salisbury steak served along with Macaroni cheese, Dragon Shrimp Lo Mein, etc. Weight Watchers also offer snacks and desserts which include anytime selections such as Chicken Ranchero Smart Mini Wraps. It provides about 220 calories, 7g of dietary fiber, 6g of fat thus serving as a satiating snack option.

However, when you are eating only Weight Watchers meal options you may not get the minimum 5 servings of fruits and vegetables which are recommended as a part of healthy diet.…

Gained 10 Pounds In A Month? How To Lose It In A Month?


Losing 10 pounds in a month is doable if you follow a healthy diet plan. However, this amount of weight loss totally depends on the current body weight, age and the level of physical activity you are into. As per experts, eating fewer calories per day is one of the best ways to lose weight. Eating somewhere between 500 to 1000 calories per day you will lose around 2 lbs per week. When you combine this with effective workouts like walking or aerobic exercises losing 10 pounds in a month is doable.

Going for weight loss programs like Nutrisystem is a wise choice when you are unsure about losing weight on your own or do not have the time to cook your own diet foods. Nutrisystem has recently introduced Turbo 13 plan which assures up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. This weight loss result is possible because of the Turbo Takeoff kit delivered in the first month. The kit includes fortified foods that accelerate your weight loss. You can checkout customer reviews to know how they have benefited from following Turbo 13.

Women need to have 1200 calories per day and men require 1800 calories to carry on with the daily activities and also stay fit. Men and women should not eat less than what is recommended as it will lead to nutritional deficiencies. You can keep a tab on your calorie intake by noting down the calories mentioned in the food package. You can also refer online to know the amount of calories that each food might contain. Plan your meals in advance as taking spot decisions will lead you to choose foods unmindfully. Drink a glass of water before your meal that makes you feel full so that you eat less during the meal time.



The Ultimate Shopping Guide When Dieting

Diet Tips

If you have struggled to keep your dieting on, you must know this!

Recently, when I started to get back to shape after my second delivery, I decided to start off with dieting. Now I know that dieting is not famous for a lot of reasons and I did not intend to make it a life long habit. However, I wanted to be able to detoxicate the body to be able to start on something as powerful as weightlifting.

So, I started on a no refined flour diet and vowed to not touch anything that does not contain at least five percent of fiber.

That week, apparently on a shopping expedition to a neighborhood store, what do you think I did?

I not only did blow my resolution to the wind but I picked up a horde of things back home of which I did not intend any!

I was amused with myself, was I being impulsive? I reasoned that it was all at great rates and on offer. But why the hell did I even pick it up if I was on a diet!!

The experience was eye-opening. I happened to read an article and explored sonacreamery. In it were tips for new dieters.

The first tip is the most rudimentary. It says, “Always carry a shopping list with you to avoid diversion and distractions.” Point well taken!

The website gives enlightening tips on what best to shop for. One tip was to go in for a food that has a higher content of vitamins and fiber as compared to food that is more tasteful. The idea is to read the list of ingredients properly on the labels. This itself will help you to consciously make a better decision while picking up food when o a diet.

It is difficult in the beginning but surely as you take off into the journey, you will realize that not only are you happy with the choice that you are making but you are also feeling good about it and that is important and extremely so!…

Budget Weight Loss Shopping List

Weight Loss

Okay, this one is from me!

Not too long ago, I was also in this league to pull down on my weight. But I had more than one limitation. The first of which was related to my health. It was really complicated. After my second delivery through a c section, I had a lot of problems in my abdomen. I would be too constipated all the time in spite of gorging in on a lot of fiber. Apart from that, overweight had made me develop a plantar in my foot which was a really troublesome first thing in the morning or on cooler days when I would find walking torturous because of the severe pain that emanated from the ankle are right up to my shins.

The doctor advised me to pull down on my weight:

Now, the secondary problem I had was that I was on a shoestring budget. I was saving up for the new home and I knew for sure that there a diet would pull me back by a few hundred dollars each month. I was hesitant in the beginning but I came face to face with the realization that only if I would be healthy and active could I even think of enjoying a newer home. This struck me after I read an enlightening article on the Jane Seymour Website and I thought to myself, “I need to fix my health first rather than building a real estate portfolio!”

Today, I know that budget and weight loss can be happily married and that too with experience to back my opinion. I have been an advocate of healthy eating from that Zen moment and I can tell you that most of the foods that make to my table today do not create a big hole in my pocket but they have the most amount of nutrition packed into them and are the best in their group. You may want to learn more about it because once you know you will realize that staying healthy is never an option; it is rather an idea that one must live by throughout his own life.…

Shopping Reviews Guides

Shopping Guide

The internet is a wonderful place to be if you want to gain knowledge, just browse around or even buy anything. The plethora of items available online is mind-boggling and unless you have a guide you will be lost in this jungle of products. That is the reason that there are umpteen buying guides online to advice you on how to choose a reliable and good quality product. In addition to that several shopping sites also display customer reviews and feedback to aid the consumer to reach a decision.  While reading the opinion of others who have used a product is very helpful how can you sieve the WiseReviews from the biased ones? We shall help you.

Tips to identify fake from real reviews

  • The date of the reviews: Usually when reviews are fake they are all posted on the same date. So, if you feel a particular product seems to have too many positive reviews not in tune with the product specifications, you know you are looking at fake reviews.
  • Anonymous reviewers: Genuine customers will have a name that they will not fear to display. Many of them even answer queries. Check out the profile of a suspicious review and you will get an insight into what kind of reviews that person has provided so far- are all reviews positive and often for little-known products and companies. You can easily spot from the language used if the review is fake.
  • Check the authenticity of profile photos: The fake reviewers are smart and know that people will check their profile so often they steal some genuine person’s photo and post it as their own. You can check the profile picture by running a reverse image search and find out the original source of the photo. Invariably the picture will be a stock photo or pick from some blog.

Thus, though customer reviews are great for business and a must-read for consumers, not all reviews are genuine and need to be investigated or taken with a pinch of salt.…

What To Look For When Buying A Custom T-shirt


You will hardly get good-quality custom t-shirts from a mass retailer. This is because the ones that are popular are usually made to order. There are different ways of ordering a custom t-shirt and they include a text or an image that customers want on the front of their tee, a particular motif or a styling pattern that an artist wants to be printed on the tee etc. Custom tees can be wonderful gifting ideas because while they are inexpensive, they give the look and feel of a personalized and thoughtful gift.

What are the factors that you should consider while buying a custom tee? Find below.

Source of purchase

Custom tees can be great options for corporate gifting. In this case, you will require buying large numbers of tees and that could blow your budget if the source of purchase is a normal retailer. However, you could save a lot of money by opting to buy in bulk.


While buying in bulk will save you money, it will compromise a good deal on the quality so if you want to ensure that you are buying a unique product; try purchasing from a designer outlet or a store that sells personalized stuff. If you are buying for a team of players, you could also get their names printed on the back of the tees.

Choice of fabric

This is yet another important factor while buying a custom t-shirt. If you want the customized prints or details to stay as they are, opt for polyester instead of cotton. Cotton tends to shrink after the first wash and the prints might look crinkled or damaged.

My wife got me a great t-shirt that was a beautiful cobalt blue and was custom made as per my liking. However, it was made of cotton and shrunk a good deal after the first wash and did not fit me well later.…

Beard Balm The Right Way

Health & Beauty

Now that you have the best beard balm for hipster beards, the most important part is to learn the right way to use it. Even the best beard balm will not be effective if you are not aware of the right way of application. The first step is to avoid applying it in a haphazard manner. The rest of the steps are described in this article so that you can make the best use of your beard balm.

Is it complicated?

The process of applying a beard balm is not complicated at all. There is no rocket science behind the application but if you have long beard hair, you might want to ensure that it is well-hydrated right from the follicles to the hair tips. Try not to rush through the application.

When to apply

This is an important decision since you need to spend quality time grooming your beard hair so choose a slot when you are not in a hurry. Most men prefer grooming their beard in the morning. The best time to groom your beard, according to experts, is right after the morning shower. This is when your beard hair will be damp and easier to groom and thus absorb the ingredients more effectively.

Scooping it out

Different balms will require different quantities. Usually, the quantity required to groom your beard will be around the size of your thumbnail but some might also require more due to the varying texture of each brand.


The first step is to melt the balm in the palm of your hands and that will require vigorous rubbing of the balm with both your hands. The next step is to start rubbing the balm from your cheeks following a downward motion. Ensure that the hair follicles are properly nourished. Do not leave any trace of the balm and use a brush with natural bristles to enhance the grooming effect.…

The Luxury Sex Toys I Buy


When we talk about sex toys we have different varieties and one designed for all. Yes, there is some real luxurious one that can give the ultimate pleasure of intimacy without even the partner by your side and there are also some basic ones available in the market that would satisfy the need of all types of people. The ultimate goal or aim of using a sex toy is to have and experience the pleasure of being together even when the partner is absent and to fulfill and saturate the immediate sex needs and expectations.

The animal tail butt plugs are considered to be a superior and a luxurious sex toy for they not only look beautiful on you but also grant you what is required. Generally, anything fixed externally and artificially might look awful but it is not the case with these animal butt plugs. They are cute, cuddly and look absolutely awesome on you without posing you odd in front of the others. In fact, these are not for public appearances and sure thing used within a restricted area. But using this when you are on the bed will not only make you look beautiful but also sexy. But it is important that they are used and utilized in the right manner. There are special and specific instructions especially given as attachments with each of these sex toys and it is important that the user follows it for experiencing the ultimate. Of course, they are external fittings and are going to harm us in no way but it is important that we follow all the instructions properly. Animal tail butt plugs over at loveplugs come with necessary caution and following this meticulously would add value and worth to the money spent on it. So try using them today for an enhanced sexual experience.…

Luxury items for pets

Pet Care

Have money, will spend.

Humans keep redefining the limits of luxury for themselves and now more people are ready to spend extremely huge amounts of money on their pets. In fact, there people who spend more money on their pets than they spend on themselves. For such people, their pets are more important than their own needs. There are many exorbitantly expensive items for pets and people are willing to go to any length to acquire these for their pets.

There are many luxury items in the category of beds, collars, and other accessories. These are personalized according to the owner’s wish and the pets. There are exclusive items that are designed by taking into account the details of a pet and its human companion and are unique like, clothes, leash, and collars that are designed and stitched specially for a pet. Then there are personalized bowls and toys that are engraved with its name or special grooming luxury items, like expensive shampoos, perfumes etc.

Sometimes people want a special bed for their pet that matches the décor of their house and is uniquely designed. Dog beds, with special fibre filling to keep the pet warm and cosy, and special sheets create an ambience of luxury for the pet. It may not appreciate the design but will definitely enjoy the warmth and softness of its bed and spend most of its time there.

Then there are toys specially created to keep them active and agile. These are expensive but are useful when you are away and want the dog to feel comfortable. These include interactive gadgets, musical and video games and specially created feeders that keep the pets stimulated and active.

You can spend money on creating luxury grooming services, pet day care, training, dating and other stuff. You can also send its remains into space for eternity, at a cost of course. Now many people will be surprised but this is a real service that sends some part of the remains of your pet to the space in the same way that human remains are sent.

Whether the pet understands the significance of these luxury items or not is immaterial. It does understand and appreciate the love that its human owner shares with it.…

Here Is A List Of The Best Dog Beds That Are There In The Market

Dog Beds

B1884 1          Here Is A List Of The Best Dog Beds That Are There In The Market

The many pleasures of plunging into the bed:

There is nothing that quite compares to the joy of lunging into your bed after a long day at work or whatever it is that you were doing and were very tired. The very thought that there is a bed waiting for you gives you enough motivation to be good at your work because once you are done you have a treat in the form of your bed waiting for you.

Now imagine giving the same pleasure to your sweet little pooches. Would it not be wonderful to also help them enjoy their bedtime by being extremely considerate and investing in the right kind of the be?

Here is a list of the best medium sized dog beds. Each of the beds has been personally assessed before adding them to the list. But don’t listen to me; you need to check it out for yourself before you invest for your darling pet.

  1. Bagel dog bed

This cute doughnut shaped bed is the right one for your pooch especially because it is extra cozy and made with hypoallergenic materials. It comes in sober colors and is entirely machine washable. What more can one want?

  1. AKC Casablanca bed

Also doughnut in shape this is slightly firmer and gives good support to dogs that are smaller in size. The bed is washable and is the most affordable at 16 dollars only!

  1. The Sherpa cave bed

If you know your dog likes blankets and hoods then you must buy this bed for sure. This one almost mimics like a cave for your dog friend.

  1. Midwest quiet time bed:

This one may look like a crate but don’t get deceived by its looks. Its extra soft interiors and the stain proof cushion is a winner no matter what. The bed is machine washable and extremely durable. It is even car friendly with the right dimensions to fit your car boot.…

Lv Bags – More Than Just A Bag


Women love to be unique. Be it shoes or life partners; there should be something that will stand out and attract attention. The only exception is the Lv bags. The main purpose of buying a Lv brown purse is to be able to brag about it. These designer bags are more than just a utility product. They are a trophy.

Lv bags are luxury commodities. Utility wise, they do not offer anything that other regular and sanely priced bags do not. When it comes to status, style and prestige value, there are very few bags that can beat the lv bags.

The lv monogram pattern is very obvious. It can be recognized just about anywhere. Having a lv monogrammed bag is not that different from driving a BMW. The bag stands for more than the brand. It reflects the purchasing power of the owner as well. The luster and the pride of the bag can be seen on the person carrying this bag.

Lv bags are durable in nature not just in quality. No one gets bored of a Lv bag. Not many women can discard it or give it away because it has lost its value. The shelf life is incredible. That makes it all the more attractive a product to women.

There are cheap imitations of this bag that have entered the market. This is to cater to that crowd who want to own the bag but cannot afford it. A good eye can differentiate the authentic one from the fake.

The most important difference is that low-quality hardware is used in a fake bag. The precise and clean imprinting on the real lv bag is truly hard to imitate. This makes the wanna-be-lv bags stand out in a bad light. The counterfeit zipper on the right is also a big giveaway. Counterfeit bags also have sloppy stitches. The SPI count on the real bag is higher. Bags with tilted patterns are a big no-no.

Lv bags are made to make you look awesome. You need to own one to see the difference.