Month: February 2018

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Shopping Guide

The internet is a wonderful place to be if you want to gain knowledge, just browse around or even buy anything. The plethora of items available online is mind-boggling and unless you have a guide you will be lost in this jungle of products. That is the reason that there are umpteen buying guides online to advice you on how to choose a reliable and good quality product. In addition to that several shopping sites also display customer reviews and feedback to aid the consumer to reach a decision.  While reading the opinion of others who have used a product is very helpful how can you sieve the WiseReviews from the biased ones? We shall help you.

Tips to identify fake from real reviews

  • The date of the reviews: Usually when reviews are fake they are all posted on the same date. So, if you feel a particular product seems to have too many positive reviews not in tune with the product specifications, you know you are looking at fake reviews.
  • Anonymous reviewers: Genuine customers will have a name that they will not fear to display. Many of them even answer queries. Check out the profile of a suspicious review and you will get an insight into what kind of reviews that person has provided so far- are all reviews positive and often for little-known products and companies. You can easily spot from the language used if the review is fake.
  • Check the authenticity of profile photos: The fake reviewers are smart and know that people will check their profile so often they steal some genuine person’s photo and post it as their own. You can check the profile picture by running a reverse image search and find out the original source of the photo. Invariably the picture will be a stock photo or pick from some blog.

Thus, though customer reviews are great for business and a must-read for consumers, not all reviews are genuine and need to be investigated or taken with a pinch of salt.…

What To Look For When Buying A Custom T-shirt


You will hardly get good-quality custom t-shirts from a mass retailer. This is because the ones that are popular are usually made to order. There are different ways of ordering a custom t-shirt and they include a text or an image that customers want on the front of their tee, a particular motif or a styling pattern that an artist wants to be printed on the tee etc. Custom tees can be wonderful gifting ideas because while they are inexpensive, they give the look and feel of a personalized and thoughtful gift.

What are the factors that you should consider while buying a custom tee? Find below.

Source of purchase

Custom tees can be great options for corporate gifting. In this case, you will require buying large numbers of tees and that could blow your budget if the source of purchase is a normal retailer. However, you could save a lot of money by opting to buy in bulk.


While buying in bulk will save you money, it will compromise a good deal on the quality so if you want to ensure that you are buying a unique product; try purchasing from a designer outlet or a store that sells personalized stuff. If you are buying for a team of players, you could also get their names printed on the back of the tees.

Choice of fabric

This is yet another important factor while buying a custom t-shirt. If you want the customized prints or details to stay as they are, opt for polyester instead of cotton. Cotton tends to shrink after the first wash and the prints might look crinkled or damaged.

My wife got me a great t-shirt that was a beautiful cobalt blue and was custom made as per my liking. However, it was made of cotton and shrunk a good deal after the first wash and did not fit me well later.…

Beard Balm The Right Way

Health & Beauty

Now that you have the best beard balm for hipster beards, the most important part is to learn the right way to use it. Even the best beard balm will not be effective if you are not aware of the right way of application. The first step is to avoid applying it in a haphazard manner. The rest of the steps are described in this article so that you can make the best use of your beard balm.

Is it complicated?

The process of applying a beard balm is not complicated at all. There is no rocket science behind the application but if you have long beard hair, you might want to ensure that it is well-hydrated right from the follicles to the hair tips. Try not to rush through the application.

When to apply

This is an important decision since you need to spend quality time grooming your beard hair so choose a slot when you are not in a hurry. Most men prefer grooming their beard in the morning. The best time to groom your beard, according to experts, is right after the morning shower. This is when your beard hair will be damp and easier to groom and thus absorb the ingredients more effectively.

Scooping it out

Different balms will require different quantities. Usually, the quantity required to groom your beard will be around the size of your thumbnail but some might also require more due to the varying texture of each brand.


The first step is to melt the balm in the palm of your hands and that will require vigorous rubbing of the balm with both your hands. The next step is to start rubbing the balm from your cheeks following a downward motion. Ensure that the hair follicles are properly nourished. Do not leave any trace of the balm and use a brush with natural bristles to enhance the grooming effect.…

The Luxury Sex Toys I Buy


When we talk about sex toys we have different varieties and one designed for all. Yes, there is some real luxurious one that can give the ultimate pleasure of intimacy without even the partner by your side and there are also some basic ones available in the market that would satisfy the need of all types of people. The ultimate goal or aim of using a sex toy is to have and experience the pleasure of being together even when the partner is absent and to fulfill and saturate the immediate sex needs and expectations.

The animal tail butt plugs are considered to be a superior and a luxurious sex toy for they not only look beautiful on you but also grant you what is required. Generally, anything fixed externally and artificially might look awful but it is not the case with these animal butt plugs. They are cute, cuddly and look absolutely awesome on you without posing you odd in front of the others. In fact, these are not for public appearances and sure thing used within a restricted area. But using this when you are on the bed will not only make you look beautiful but also sexy. But it is important that they are used and utilized in the right manner. There are special and specific instructions especially given as attachments with each of these sex toys and it is important that the user follows it for experiencing the ultimate. Of course, they are external fittings and are going to harm us in no way but it is important that we follow all the instructions properly. Animal tail butt plugs over at loveplugs come with necessary caution and following this meticulously would add value and worth to the money spent on it. So try using them today for an enhanced sexual experience.…