Day: February 18, 2018

Shopping Reviews Guides

Shopping Guide

The internet is a wonderful place to be if you want to gain knowledge, just browse around or even buy anything. The plethora of items available online is mind-boggling and unless you have a guide you will be lost in this jungle of products. That is the reason that there are umpteen buying guides online to advice you on how to choose a reliable and good quality product. In addition to that several shopping sites also display customer reviews and feedback to aid the consumer to reach a decision.  While reading the opinion of others who have used a product is very helpful how can you sieve the WiseReviews from the biased ones? We shall help you.

Tips to identify fake from real reviews

  • The date of the reviews: Usually when reviews are fake they are all posted on the same date. So, if you feel a particular product seems to have too many positive reviews not in tune with the product specifications, you know you are looking at fake reviews.
  • Anonymous reviewers: Genuine customers will have a name that they will not fear to display. Many of them even answer queries. Check out the profile of a suspicious review and you will get an insight into what kind of reviews that person has provided so far- are all reviews positive and often for little-known products and companies. You can easily spot from the language used if the review is fake.
  • Check the authenticity of profile photos: The fake reviewers are smart and know that people will check their profile so often they steal some genuine person’s photo and post it as their own. You can check the profile picture by running a reverse image search and find out the original source of the photo. Invariably the picture will be a stock photo or pick from some blog.

Thus, though customer reviews are great for business and a must-read for consumers, not all reviews are genuine and need to be investigated or taken with a pinch of salt.…