Month: March 2018

The Ultimate Shopping Guide When Dieting

Diet Tips

If you have struggled to keep your dieting on, you must know this!

Recently, when I started to get back to shape after my second delivery, I decided to start off with dieting. Now I know that dieting is not famous for a lot of reasons and I did not intend to make it a life long habit. However, I wanted to be able to detoxicate the body to be able to start on something as powerful as weightlifting.

So, I started on a no refined flour diet and vowed to not touch anything that does not contain at least five percent of fiber.

That week, apparently on a shopping expedition to a neighborhood store, what do you think I did?

I not only did blow my resolution to the wind but I picked up a horde of things back home of which I did not intend any!

I was amused with myself, was I being impulsive? I reasoned that it was all at great rates and on offer. But why the hell did I even pick it up if I was on a diet!!

The experience was eye-opening. I happened to read an article and explored sonacreamery. In it were tips for new dieters.

The first tip is the most rudimentary. It says, “Always carry a shopping list with you to avoid diversion and distractions.” Point well taken!

The website gives enlightening tips on what best to shop for. One tip was to go in for a food that has a higher content of vitamins and fiber as compared to food that is more tasteful. The idea is to read the list of ingredients properly on the labels. This itself will help you to consciously make a better decision while picking up food when o a diet.

It is difficult in the beginning but surely as you take off into the journey, you will realize that not only are you happy with the choice that you are making but you are also feeling good about it and that is important and extremely so!…

Budget Weight Loss Shopping List

Weight Loss

Okay, this one is from me!

Not too long ago, I was also in this league to pull down on my weight. But I had more than one limitation. The first of which was related to my health. It was really complicated. After my second delivery through a c section, I had a lot of problems in my abdomen. I would be too constipated all the time in spite of gorging in on a lot of fiber. Apart from that, overweight had made me develop a plantar in my foot which was a really troublesome first thing in the morning or on cooler days when I would find walking torturous because of the severe pain that emanated from the ankle are right up to my shins.

The doctor advised me to pull down on my weight:

Now, the secondary problem I had was that I was on a shoestring budget. I was saving up for the new home and I knew for sure that there a diet would pull me back by a few hundred dollars each month. I was hesitant in the beginning but I came face to face with the realization that only if I would be healthy and active could I even think of enjoying a newer home. This struck me after I read an enlightening article on the Jane Seymour Website and I thought to myself, “I need to fix my health first rather than building a real estate portfolio!”

Today, I know that budget and weight loss can be happily married and that too with experience to back my opinion. I have been an advocate of healthy eating from that Zen moment and I can tell you that most of the foods that make to my table today do not create a big hole in my pocket but they have the most amount of nutrition packed into them and are the best in their group. You may want to learn more about it because once you know you will realize that staying healthy is never an option; it is rather an idea that one must live by throughout his own life.…