Month: July 2018

How to Lose Ten Pounds in Three Weeks?

Diet Tips

Losing 10 pounds in three weeks come under short term goals where you want to lose weight for an upcoming event at your family end. If you are overweight you can certainly look out for ways to shed ten pounds but if you are already in a healthy weight, this aggressive weight loss goal is not recommended. It is good for you if you start with proven methods like eating whole foods, avoiding junk and processed foods, minimizing the snacking and alcohol consumption and getting into a healthy workout routine. When you follow these sincerely, you will certainly feel lighter as the days go by.

Besides, you can seek the help of weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig to lose some initial weight as these program claims to offer steady weight loss of up to 2lbs per week. Nutrisystem is a very convenient weight loss program to follow as it eliminates all the hassles of dieting such as cooking diet meals, calorie counting, checking portion size, etc. It delivers premade foods in microwavable pouches that can be reheated during meal times. When it comes to menu choices, Nutrisystem has more than 150 meal choices while Jenny Craig has comparatively fewer options. Go through the comparison article at Prodiets to learn about these diet planners.

Your diet should be able to supply you the calories that fall below the number of calories you would burn daily. Losing one pound equals to creating a deficit of 3500 calories per week. Therefore, to shed 10 pounds you will have to consume 35000 calories fewer than what you will burn. When you have to shed this within three weeks, your calorie deficit per day calculates to 1666 per day. To achieve this deficit you will have to combine diet and exercise effectively. You will have to burn 800 calories and eat about 800 calories fewer in order to maintain your current body weight.…