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Lv Bags – More Than Just A Bag


Women love to be unique. Be it shoes or life partners; there should be something that will stand out and attract attention. The only exception is the Lv bags. The main purpose of buying a Lv brown purse is to be able to brag about it. These designer bags are more than just a utility product. They are a trophy.

Lv bags are luxury commodities. Utility wise, they do not offer anything that other regular and sanely priced bags do not. When it comes to status, style and prestige value, there are very few bags that can beat the lv bags.

The lv monogram pattern is very obvious. It can be recognized just about anywhere. Having a lv monogrammed bag is not that different from driving a BMW. The bag stands for more than the brand. It reflects the purchasing power of the owner as well. The luster and the pride of the bag can be seen on the person carrying this bag.

Lv bags are durable in nature not just in quality. No one gets bored of a Lv bag. Not many women can discard it or give it away because it has lost its value. The shelf life is incredible. That makes it all the more attractive a product to women.

There are cheap imitations of this bag that have entered the market. This is to cater to that crowd who want to own the bag but cannot afford it. A good eye can differentiate the authentic one from the fake.

The most important difference is that low-quality hardware is used in a fake bag. The precise and clean imprinting on the real lv bag is truly hard to imitate. This makes the wanna-be-lv bags stand out in a bad light. The counterfeit zipper on the right is also a big giveaway. Counterfeit bags also have sloppy stitches. The SPI count on the real bag is higher. Bags with tilted patterns are a big no-no.

Lv bags are made to make you look awesome. You need to own one to see the difference.