How Many Pounds To Lose An Inch Off Waist?


Shedding weight from the waist is not easy and there is no specific diet program or exercise to reduce weight from your waist alone. You may be wondering how many pounds you have to lose in order to lose an inch from your waistline. Unfortunately, there is no specific reply for this question as each one’s body is different and the weight loss process also differs. Two types of fat develop in the abdominal region; subcutaneous fat which lies beneath skin and visceral fat which develops in the abdominal cavity. The visceral fat tends to burn fast than subcutaneous and it brings about health risks if not kept under control.

Experts say that it is not possible to shed weight on a specific area. You will have to lose weight on the whole and tone the specific areas through specific exercises. Weight loss programs like Nutrisystem help you lose weight on the whole in a safe and healthy manner. The program claims to offer weight loss up to 2 lbs if the dietary guidelines laid out by them are strictly followed. The Turbo 13 plan helps you lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month with the help of specially fortified meals included in the Turbo Takeoff kit. Have a look at Skycube to know how Nutrisystem operates and about the distinct diet plans available with them.

When you start losing weight from the whole body you will have to simultaneously perform exercises that tone your waistline. The exact amount of weight that it requires to lose an inch depends on different factors like age, genetics, gender and the level of physical activity. Likewise the starting body weight also affects how long it takes to lose an inch from your waist. By following the right kind of diet plan and exercise, you will be able to shed weight on the whole.

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