Top Ways To Sell Wristbands


I remember what we had done at the college charity last year:

Last year we wanted to raise funds for the American soldiers who had been fighting in Iraq. We wanted to raise the corpus to help their family in need especially when they were away at war and they had some kind of physical injury on them in the course of the war.

When we started out, we had no idea it is going to be so difficult:

The public opinion in America had almost turned hostile towards the soldiers because the truth that there were no weapons of mass destruction found there made it quite impossible for the soldiers and the federal government to be able to face a volley of questions about how we were going to deal with the situation now that they knew that there were such mass destruction weapons in Iraq had been falsified and substantiated with de riguer evidence.

This made it difficult of course but we decided to print rubber bracelets with a message saying that: “we are proud of you all the same.”

We had ordered for two thousand such wrist bracelets and expected to sell them over a course of one month. We were not too positive of course but we had to make an effort. The initial funding was put in with the pocket money of the members who had agreed to sell the bracelets in the campus.

The response was unprecedented:

We sold the lot in three days flat and we had to order at least two more times the same quantities. Isn’t that mind-blowing? Apparently, a lot of the people came back to say that the message and the tone of it were what made them do it. It means that we are not particularly impressed with your expeditions but we are proud of you all the same!

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